Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Always paint a second coat, Lexi digs in the wrong pile of dirt

Well I spent the fourth of July weekend working on Nate's room. Between house work (grocery shopping, laundry, taking care of kids) and emergency shopping (Lexi tore the nosepiece off of Chris' glasses, needed to get the more patches for the drywall) I was able to get Nate's ceiling primed and painted as well as got the lights installed.

To save time I ignored the second rule of painting (always use a second coat). Looking back I can see a couple of areas that desperately needs touch up - we will do that when we paint the walls.

When we installed the lights I got up on a ladder with a voltmeter and Chris flipped breakers until the meter showed zero. You would think that would be foolproof but after I installed the first light I got down and (out of curiousity) flipped the light switch and two things happened:

1. a pop and a big spark (that was because one of the wires had worked loose from the cap - I had to strip it a little more and wrapped it up REAL good).
2. the light came on.

Both of these were totally unexpected seeing that the voltmeter read zero!

So with the lights on Chris flipped more breakers until the lights went out and then I was able to work on the lights without that many more incidents.

I say that many more because the wiring boxes in the ceiling was only held in with one nail on one small piece of wood. So when I pushed the wires up into the box the whole box went up. I ended up going into the ceiling and putting a full paint can on each box so I could work on the box.

After all that the lights worked like a charm.

I took the kids out twice this weekend to play. Both times we were out about ten to twenty minutes. The first time it started to rain and by the time I got the kids in and cleaned off it had stopped and was all sunny. The second time I took them out I was sitting down and heard Lexi starting to cry. I got up and ran to her and she had found the only ant bed in our yard and was digging in it. I got her stripped pretty quick but she still got over a dozen bites (I got six or seven cleaning her off). Poor little girl didn't know what was happening.

I got some pics of the first time we were out and posted them in our photo album. Enjoy.

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