Saturday, March 29, 2008

Nate's second soccer game

Nate had his second soccer game today. They lost 5-1 but they did better than last game so I am happy about that.

I could name several reasons we lost. What tied for first though was that I could tell that the other coach was an experienced coach. He had his players going to their positions (John you're fullback - get back behind the line). Now if this was a second or third grade team I would be upset that their team was organized and we weren't but JEEZ its a kindergarden team for Christ sake.

The other #1 reason they lost was that there is still a lack of teamwork. Now once again I use the they are kindergarden kids defense but YOU DO NOT STEAL THE BALL FROM YOUR OWN TEAMMATES! We had two occasions where one of our guys were running the ball toward the goal and another teammate stole it from them.

Now the more forgivable reasons they lost were they got confused as to which goal they should be trying for (he halftime field switch really messed them up). And several of them were just hanging back (but they are ALOT better from the first game).

Unfortunately I did not get any pictures. I got to the game and the batteries were dead. I went though all the rechargeable batteries I had and tested them with a battery tester and threw away the ones that were not holding a charge very well so hopefully that won't happen again for a while.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter and the belated birthday.

The kids had a great Easter this year. Grandmoo, Christopher, Bobby, Darlene and Nana and Papa Conway was here today. We had a about 60 eggs all told but we only hid the plastic ones - that way if the kids missed one we would not have to worry about rotten eggs. Aunt Darlene joined in with the kids to hunt eggs and everyone had a blast.

I grilled up some Ham Steaks, Filets and Sausages for lunch and we all pigged out :)

Darlene introduced us to a Bulgarian Easter tradition. Everyone takes a easter egg and one person starts and taps another person's egg. As long as their egg does not crack they get to keep going. The one who ends up with an uncracked egg at the end of it all will have good fortune for the rest of the year.

Last week was Christophers birthday (Happy Birthday!) so we had birthday cake also! Add to that was all the Xmas candy and the kids were wired.

After the birthday cake Bobby and I took the kids outside to a nearby field and they flew their kites. We bought them a pair of small kids kites last year but never got around to flying them so they were really happy to get to fly them. We were surprised that that the kites were so small, only about four inches but it flew very well even with light wind.

But alas all good things must end. Lexi cried when Bobby, Darlene, Nana and Papa drove off but she was out playing with Nate after a couple of minutes.

I uploaded the pictures of the day on our photo album. Enjoy!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Nate's first soccer game

Nate had his first soccer game today. They lost 3-2 but it was still a very good game. Nate really enjoyed it but I think he enjoyed the running around more than the game.

After that the kids played outside while I worked outside. I built a sandbox under their playhouse slide, which they really enjoyed. I also planted a pair of cucumber plants and a pair of strawberry plants (we will see how long Lexi lets those live).

By the time the day was over with the kids crashed.

I am uploading the soccer photos now - enjoy.


Saturday, March 08, 2008

Winter's last push

Well I am writing this on my new compter (yay)! Right now I am ripping all my music CD's back into itunes since my others were lost when my hard disk crashed.

I took Thursday off because Chris had an early doctors appointment. Nothing major - just a checkup but they only had a early appoinment open. Anyway it was a good thing I did as the snow started around 11am. Lexi's school called saying they were letting out around noon because they were seeing cars sliding around. Nate's let out on time but I went early just in case and got over an inch of snow on the minivan while I was waiting for school to let out.

Nate and Lexi did have their dentist visit Wednesday. Lexi was pretty much okay except for the fact that her front two teeth are about to fall out! The dentist said that the roots were almost gone and it was probably because of a fall she had (and she has had plenty - let me tell you). Nate had several small cavities so we are going to have to start flossing them as well as brushing their teeth.

I uploaded some pictures of the snow around our house. Enjoy!