Sunday, October 26, 2008

Nate had a busy weekend

I took this weekend to knock out a couple of Nate's Tiger Cub scout requirements.

The one I have been trying to do for a while was to take Nate to a local sporting event. For Texas that meant football. With three games to go we had to go this Friday other wise the remaining games was either on Halloween (not happening) or it was LD Bell vs Trinity (an ungodly rivalry which several of the parents at work told me NOT to take a seven year old to). Nate really got into the game. I uploaded the pictures both me and Nate took as well as the following video.

The game started at 7:30 so I was afraid he would not be able to stay up that long but he made it all the way through the halftime show and most of the way through the third quarter before he wanted to go home.

Saturday morning I took Nate to the Bedford fire house off of Central where they were having an open house. It was really cool! Nate got to try on a fireman uniform and got to use a fire hose. The thing that really impressed me, especially considering the relatively small size of Bedford, was their Mobile command center. The command center can run all the dispatch communications for a small city in case of a disaster and it actually ran the fire and police department communications for Galveston after hurricane Ike.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Nate and Lexi's first campout

Nate's cub scout den is going on a camping trip on November 14. To make sure that he would do okay I decided on a smaller scale camp out in our backyard.

I went ahead and got sleeping bags for Me, Nate, and Lexi (because she wanted to go with us too) and a tent. I set up the tent in the back yard and used the depression where the old tree used to be as a fire pit.

I went and got McDonald's for the camp out food. Then we roasted marshmallows over the campfire and then was the moment of truth - we climbed in he tent and went to sleep. The kids did alot better than I had thought. Lexi said she was a little nervous when the motorcycle went by but other than that they both went to sleep and slept all night.

In the morning I brought the kids in and broke down the campsite. The bulk of the ash from the campfire I threw into the compost bin then buried the rest. The sleeping bags I washed and was actually able to put back in their sacks. Alas the same could not be said for the tent. I ended up putting it in a garbage bag for now.

Lexi was upset that we are not spending tonight outside too (but I see through that - she really wants to roast more marshmallows). But I told her that maybe early next year when it starts warming up again we will have another little camp out.

I posted a couple of pics of the kids at the campfire and in the tent. Enjoy.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Nate's day with puffy

Every year we try and give Nate a train ride for his birthday. This year it was not on the same week.

While Chris and Lexi took Grandmoo home I took Nate out to lunch at Pancho's then we took a ride on Puffy.

When we got there we climbed up an old engine they had out. This is where I found out that Nate was still afraid of heights. But fortunately I was able to talk him down. We had a blast in Fort Worth. Nate bought a toy gun with his allowance and I got a plastic gun for Lexi so they can play cops and robbers together.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Lexi and her silver crown

Chris is almost done with Lexi's hat and scarf. I uploaded pictures of those.

I also took Lexi to the dentist this week. She had a cavity filled and she had a crown put in. Now all the kids at her preschool want silver teeth too.

Now because of her age they did not want to just do nitrous gas or Novocain. So they gave her "conscious sedation." Or in other words - kiddie Valium. Now I don't know what it really was but other than the fact it must have tasted horrible: she tried to spit out the first taste and I had to force her to drink the rest. But after that she calmed down and did exactly what the dentist told her. Do they sell this stuff in six packs?

Saturday, October 04, 2008

A birthday and a scout event - Nate had a busy day!

Saturday was a busy day! First Nate went to Tristan's birthday party (one of two he was invited to this weekend). Everyone had a great time. The birthday party was a dinosaur theme and the (very excellent) cake was baked and decorated by his grandmother.

After the birthday party we went to tiger cub adventure day. Its a yearly advent the boy scouts throw for all new tiger cub scouts. Nate had a blast! he did almost all the events including archery! He would have done the BB gun too but he did not want to sit through another safety lecture .

To keep from feeling left out Chris took Lexi to IHop (The Pancake Place) to have her favorite pancake - pumpkin pancakes.

I got lots of pictures of the birthday party and the Tiger cub event. I also uploaded Nate's latest pics. Enjoy.