Thursday, February 23, 2006

An interesting blog to check out

A friend of mine (ex sys admin at a previous company - all names omitted to protect the [guilty|innocent] ) is back into the dating scene and is blogging it ( OHMYGOD the freaks she is getting tangled up with.

It's really the reverse of the "all the good ones are taken" theory. The original theory is that the older the age group you are searching in the greater the chances that all the good ones are taken. On the flip side that means those that remain are even more freaky as the less freaky ones are taken by people who are willing to "settle".

I backed this theory up with my wife by showing her the blog and talking about people we dated before we met each other. While we both admitted that we dated some freaks NONE of them came close to what my friend is dealing with.

This doesn't mean you should give up or settle it just means its going to take a little more time before you luck into the right person (or the one you are willing to go on a second date with). And it will give you alot more material to look back at and laugh about.