Sunday, March 29, 2009

Cub scout campout Thursday and Friday

Nate really enjoyed the campout at the Witchita Mountain Wildlife refuge in Oklahoma. And I did survive four days without a computer.

The first day there was nothing planned. I got Nate up at 6pm and we left shortly after. We had a breakfast stop in Decatur. After we got there we set up our tent and then we went back into town for lunch (McDonalds). Fortunately the campsite we got this time had electricity and a covered area with four large picnic tables so we did not have to set up the scout tent.

Friday we had planned a three mile hike. About a mile into the walk we found out that two od the kids had decided that socks were optional for the hike. One had developed blisters on both feet and the other we put bandaids on the areas that rubbed. The dad, me and one of the other scout leaders took turns carrying the child with blisters on our shoulders seeing that we were almost halfway. Unfortunately the paths was not marked very well and after another hour we found a map that showed we were on mile four of the eight mile hike! Three of the more fit grownups jogged the other four miles back to the vehicles while the rest of us crossed a dam and waited for them the three to show up with our vehicles then they ferried more parents back to get enough cars to carry all of us back to camp. I have to say I have never been more proud of the kids. Very few of them complained and all of them had fun. I think part of it was because of the mix in ages. We have Tigers (first graders) all the way to Webelos (fourth and fifth graders) on the hike and I am sure the younger ones want to keep up with the older ones and the older ones did not want the younger ones showing them up.

Anyways after we got back to camp and had a quick lunch we went to the visitor center to walk through their museum. I forgot the instructions on what we were doing next so I took Nate up to Mt Scott (a mountain that you can drive all the way to the top of). Nate really enjoyed playing in the boulders and I loved the views. I was impressed to see the windfarms from the top of the mountain. Jumping from rock to rock though hurt my knees so Nate and I drove back to camp but on the way we stopped by the Holy City. The Holy City is a working chapel and a set for the longest running passion play in North America.

Once we did that we went back to the camp ground, had dinner, told stories by the campfire and then called it the night.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

caught up on chores - oh my back

Yesterday I took advantage of the good weather, and no one being sick, to get caught up on chores.

The first thing I did was get all my camping equipment out and make sure everything was in shape, and if I needed anything. Oh I forgot to tell y'all: Nate and I are going camping with the cub scouts during Spring Break to the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge. Four days and three nights without a working computer - If that does not tell you how much I love my kids then you REALLY do not know me at all.

After that I got the lawn mowed. Unfortunately when I was playing chase with the kids with the cordless leaf blower I landed hard on my heel and it felt my spine compressed on itself. I can still move around no problem but it hurts to bend or turn to much. But most of that has been negated with alternate doses of Aleeve and Advil. The kids got to play outside all day so they had an absolute blast. The weather was perfect!

Sunday my back was feeling good enough that I finished up my chores (replaced a sprinkler head and clean the gutters). Then we had a BBQ.