Thursday, June 11, 2009

be careful what you ask for

This week Nate and Lexi are in Twilight camp. Its a week long camp from 2:30-8:30 where all the cubscouts are broken up into smaller groups and each group does different activities throughout the day. For Lexi they have a tot lot where they play at the playground for the day.

Well the rule is that for each child you bring from your pack you need to have one person working the camp for one day. So for Nate and Lexi someone from our pack needed to work two days, and since I had plenty of vacation days left I volunteered for Wednesday and Thursday.

Now I made the mistake of putting a blurb in my out of office email message explaining that I was at camp to "say a prayer for me".

Well I have to say the first half of Wednesday was pure heaven. I was chaperone with a fifth grade group with three other adults (two of them police officers so we had the crowd control aspect covered). And all the activities planned for the day were archery and bb guns (so we just stood aside and watched).

But then the storm hit...

The whole day was cloudy and we were keeping track of the weather from one of the chaperone's iPhone when they told us at dinner that we would cut the dinner entertainment to try and get out before the storm hit. Then, when we were heading out for the first activity after dinner, they called us back because they posted a tornado warning. So we gathered up all the kids and called all the parents and as soon as the last child in our group was picked up we left.

Now where Wednesday was heaven (if you can take out the whole bad weather thing) Thursday was hell. Because of the weather the camp was held indoors. So now we had a bunch of kids locked indoors with nothing to do when their activity was done (cat herding must be easier than kid herding). But we survived another day.