Thursday, December 27, 2007

We wish you a merry Christmas!

We all had a great Christmas and we all loved our presents.

We had planned to take the kids to their Nana and Papa Conway but Lexi is running a fever and Nate is complaining his tummy is hurting so we are staying home for the weekend.

On a reverse note Chris is over at her mom's house helping her clean up some of the stuff that they have stored in the garage. So its the reverse of what we planned.

I uploaded the pics of our Xmas on our photo page - enjoy.


Sunday, December 16, 2007

Jefferson Railway of Lights

We took the kids to see the Jefferson Railway of Lights. It was a four hour trip to Marshall where we had reserved a room at Quality Inn (a nice place to stay BTW). Overall the kids did very good - thank God for the DVD players in the van though.

MAN IT WAS COLD!!! Fortunately we paid the extra $2 per seat to get first class with a heated carriage but waiting outside for the train to arrive froze us to the bone. Nate liked the ride and Lexi did okay (the train was a little above the lights at time and Lexi did not want to get up in the chair to watch the lights at times).

Most embarrassing moment - we took a wrong turn getting to the depot (read the wrong paragraph of directions) and pulled up to what I thought was a B&B or a museum. I walked in and no one was there so I called out "Hello" and all of a sudden two guys and a child ran in and my first thought was I walked into someone's house - but they assured me that while it was a private residence it was a B&B and was nice enough to tell me where the depot was.

Most embarrassing (obvious) thing forgotten - the kids coats! Yes it was freezing and we forgot the kids coats. I made sure to go get gas and get Chris breakfast so the van would be warm inside so we did not have to bundle up the kids (Chris did that the last time I took the kids on a trip and I had to pull over on the side of the road after five minutes because both the kids were burning up). I though Chris had packed the coats and Chris thought I had put the coats in the car so we did not realize we did not have the coats until we got to Terrell (an hour away from the house). So the first two stops we bundled the kids in our coats to take them inside. On our second stop in Canton I stayed with the kids at Burger King while they played and Chris ran to Wal-Mart to pick them up some coats. So the coats in the pictures are new :)

An update on Thumbs. He does have hyperthyroidism and the doctors are afraid his kidneys might be failing so after the hyperthyroid medicine stabilizes him they are going to put him on a special cat food. Right now he is enjoying his medicine because we are wrapping it in turkey.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Took the kids to see Santa today

I posted that picture in the photo album.

poor kitty/lucky cat/damn cat

I was getting ready for work this morning and Thumbs came into the bathroom and threw up.

poor kitty....

Then I noticed that the vomit was mostly blood


Okay - I emailed work and told them I was taking the day off and took Thumbs up to the Vet. Three hundred dollars worth of test later told us that he was diabetic again but the doctor thought he may have hyperthyroidism but will know when the rest of the test results get back in tomorrow.

hyperthyroidism ?

Well before I discuss hyperthyroidism lets talk about the reverse - hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism is where your thyroid doesn't produce enough hormones or shuts down completely. Your metabolism lowers and you don't digest food as well. Hyperthyroidism is the reverse - the thyroid goes into overdrive, ramping up the metabolism and causing you to lose weight no matter how much you eat.


Yes - there is a medical condition where you can eat all you want, digest food normally, and still lose weight.

lucky cat!

Yes that would be true if you can turn it on and off at will. But unfortunately unless its turned off the cat will starve to death. It's Thinner in real life.

But what if it could be controlled....

If it could be controlled I would give it to myself in a heartbeat. Then I would:

1. Take "all you can eat" as a personal challenge.
2. Make owners of buffets cringe at the site of me.
3. Have 1000+ calories of desert at every meal.
4. then the meal
5. then more desert.
6. You get the picture.

I know it cannot be controlled, I know it can be fatal, but I cannot help but to have a small amount of envy for Thumbs right now.

damn cat.


Saturday, December 01, 2007

Thanksgiving down - Xmas to go

Well Chris' cough turned out to bronchitis so we canceled the large Thanksgiving and only had Carol and Christopher over. After Thanksgiving dinner Carol stayed with Chris and I took the kids over to see my parents and Bobby and Darlene.

Friday after Thanksgiving we tried to have a family photo at WalMart but that failed. Because they could not move their camera they have set templates on where people should be for a given number of people. For seven people they have all the tallest people stand while the shorter ones stand/sit in front. For us that did not work because Dad, the tallest at 6'4" had to sit and they were not able to make the picture work even though they tried for forty minutes! I have to say the children was awesome! They sit still through the whole forty minutes! I was very proud of them.

Well we came back Friday night because it was going to rain Saturday. Nate's fever came back and he had to miss school Monday-Wednesday so he could get enough rest. Lexi's sinus infection came back and we got some more antibiotics. At least these she is willing to tolerate.

On a positive note we just finished watching "Meet the Robinsons" and it was great! If you get a chance to watch it I would definitely recommend it.

I uploaded Lexi's fall school pictures on our photo album. Enjoy!