Friday, July 29, 2005

I was hoping for Uncle Bobby or Uncle Christopher but....

Chris told me the other day Nate told her that Kitty did not have a family so we could be kitty's family.

Nate would be kitty's mommy.
Chris would be kitty's GrandMoo.
Grandmoo would be kitty's Nana.
And I would be kitty's Aunt Darlene.

Chris was laughing too hard to ask about anyone else.


Tuesday, July 26, 2005

We had to take Frenna back

We had to take Frenna back today. Poor puppy we could not get her to stop tackling Lexi. Toward the end both Nate and Lexi was scared of the puppy because she wanted to bite their shoes or nip at their legs.

If we do try and get another dog it will be after the kids are older. The worker at the shelter said she usually recommends waiting until the kids are 5-8 for larger dogs (why she did not tell us this when we were adopting Frenna I have no idea).

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Family + 1

We picked up a puppy from the pound today.

Surprised! So am I .

Chris called me up at work yesterday and had me go to the Hurst Animal Shelter link. From there she showed me a little German Shepard mix puppy.

Well we went to the pound yesterday to fill out the paperwork and they called us today to say that we were approved so I picked her up on the way home from work.

She's three months old and we have decided to call her Frenna. We asked Nate what he wanted to name the puppy and he said "Frienda - because she is my friend!". We shortened it to Frenna an it stuck.

She's a very intelligent dog. When she first met Thumbs she went up to sniff her and Thumbs just looked at her (that was it) and she backed off slowly. I think the only problem we will have is Frenna and Lexi. Because they are both the same size Frenna thinks Lexi is a litter mate and is playing rough with her (After we had to pull Frenna off of her three times poor Lexi is scared of the dog now).

I posted a couple of pics of the dog in our photo gallery. I took alot more but since she was constantly moving most of the pics are missing a body part or she has her head buried in some object.


Sunday, July 17, 2005

Scott's rant - cellphones and terrorist

I just saw a clip on headline news where some experts were upset with the cell phone makers because they are adding features to phones that are helping terrorist. The one they pointed out was an alarm clock feature. Listening this you would think the experts believe that all the major companies do are sit around and figure ways to help criminals and terrorist. I'm waiting for the experts to be be upset at the following.

  • Muslims - for having extreme views that encourage terrorist acts (forget the fact that the Koran forbids such acts).
  • Alarm clock companies - for making bomb components. They're called alarm clocks people, you use them to wake up in the morning. It's the bad guys who wire bombs to them.
  • WalMart/Target/large chain stores - for selling bomb making materials. Its called alarm clocks, camping supplies, hunting equipment, electronics. 99.999 percent of the items sold are used in their intended purpose. Here again its the bad guys that are figuring out ways to create havoc with these items. If there was a universal lie dectector I would have no problem placing one in every store, supermarket, bus terminal, airport and asking everyone if they are planning on committing a crime but until then restricting the market is only hurting the people more than the terrorist.
Now instead cell phone companies these are the groups I am pissed off at:

  • terrorist - for having such extreme views that they must kill to carry them out. I am also pissed that they have to warp a religion to justify what they do.
  • religious fanatics - who honestly feel that there is a loophole in religion that lets terrorist commit mass murder and still allow them to enter the kingdom of Heaven. For believing its God's will to support and aid terrorist in their unholy cause.
  • religious fanatics who are very bad at math - just for a second I am going to humor the idea that the Muslim religious fanatics are right and that all the terrorist/suicide bombers and jihadist killed in the line of duty are going to get a castle in heaven with 72 virgins to serve them just by being declared martyrs. Well God just called and heaven has run out of virgins - please stop killing yourselves for a couple of centuries so Heaven can restock. No if anything Satan will call and say that all the demons in hell are overworked punishing the "martys" please stop sending them.
But if you want me to be pissed off at unreasonable things I can do that as well:

  • Catholics - for having a religion where the only way for a priest to have sex is to commit a crime against God. I've yet to see in the bible where it says the holy priest cannot get married. Love is a cornerstone of religion and to deny marriage in an attempt to purify ones relation with God is in effect crumbling the foundation on which the religion stands.
  • Catholics - I am also pissed at any religion that makes the only way to get a divorce is through an annulment (a statement that basically states that the marriage never occurred). These should only be given out early on or under extreme circumstances (ie one partner has been cheating, a poligimist, a terrorist, etc) they should never be handed out if there are children involved.
  • Any religion that gives one group more rights than others - God did not give anyone special privilege at birth. He only gave privilege to the ones that earned it through hard work and belief in their faith. Anyone believing that any one person or group should be elevated because of religion, race, sex, etc will have a surprise waiting on them when they have their one-on-one with God.
  • Any country that has a philosophy and legal system based on liberty, innocent until proven guilty, individual rights yet sees no problem with torturing people who have not been tried or convicted of any crime. When hypocrisy becomes a cornerstone of a society its days are numbered.
All this rant over a cell phone .

No molding today

Well I got up today and Chris was in a cleaning mood today. I can't say that I blame her - we had been so wrapped up in working on the house we have not been picking up after the kids lately (toys, toys everywhere).
We did get our haircuts today - no pics of that but I will try and get some posted soon. I did post some additional photos of Nate pulling Lexi in the wagon today and Nate and Lexi on the rocking horse that Papa Dick made them.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Lexi and Nate playing together, Dublin Dr. Pepper

Fortunatly the weather was nice this morning and I was able to take Nate and Lexi out to play (I posted some pics in the photogallery). I got a couple of pictures of Nate pulling Lexi in the wagon.

Nate was pulling Lexi around in the back patio area so I put them both in the wagon and walked them down the block (no pictures of that). When we got back Nate pulled Lexi around the back yard for a while.

I got the molding back into Nate's room and hopefully we will put that up tomorrow. I spread out a plastic drop cloth over the grass and put the molding on it and spray painted it before I brought it back in. You could tell there was moisture in the ground by the condensation on the bottom of the plastic.

I took Nate shopping with me today (we take a "side trip" to McDonalds so he can play with the other kids). When we were at the WalMart in Irving we say Dublin Dr. Pepper there! While the cost is roughly the same as anywhere it is good to see it carried by a large distributor. Hopefully more Wal Marts are carrying it.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Painted Nate's room

Chris' Mom came over Friday night and Saturday and Sunday we spent painting Nate's room. Saturday we got the room primed and the first coat of paint on and Sunday we put the second coat of paint on and touched up the rough spots.

Next (probably next weekend) we will paint the molding and put it back up. Then we will clean up the furniture in Nates room and put it back and we should be done!!!

Saturday morning I took the kids out to play. Lexi can now climb the ladder to the slide and go down all by herself! I posted some of the pics on our photogallery. Enjoy!

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Always paint a second coat, Lexi digs in the wrong pile of dirt

Well I spent the fourth of July weekend working on Nate's room. Between house work (grocery shopping, laundry, taking care of kids) and emergency shopping (Lexi tore the nosepiece off of Chris' glasses, needed to get the more patches for the drywall) I was able to get Nate's ceiling primed and painted as well as got the lights installed.

To save time I ignored the second rule of painting (always use a second coat). Looking back I can see a couple of areas that desperately needs touch up - we will do that when we paint the walls.

When we installed the lights I got up on a ladder with a voltmeter and Chris flipped breakers until the meter showed zero. You would think that would be foolproof but after I installed the first light I got down and (out of curiousity) flipped the light switch and two things happened:

1. a pop and a big spark (that was because one of the wires had worked loose from the cap - I had to strip it a little more and wrapped it up REAL good).
2. the light came on.

Both of these were totally unexpected seeing that the voltmeter read zero!

So with the lights on Chris flipped more breakers until the lights went out and then I was able to work on the lights without that many more incidents.

I say that many more because the wiring boxes in the ceiling was only held in with one nail on one small piece of wood. So when I pushed the wires up into the box the whole box went up. I ended up going into the ceiling and putting a full paint can on each box so I could work on the box.

After all that the lights worked like a charm.

I took the kids out twice this weekend to play. Both times we were out about ten to twenty minutes. The first time it started to rain and by the time I got the kids in and cleaned off it had stopped and was all sunny. The second time I took them out I was sitting down and heard Lexi starting to cry. I got up and ran to her and she had found the only ant bed in our yard and was digging in it. I got her stripped pretty quick but she still got over a dozen bites (I got six or seven cleaning her off). Poor little girl didn't know what was happening.

I got some pics of the first time we were out and posted them in our photo album. Enjoy.