Sunday, July 17, 2005

Scott's rant - cellphones and terrorist

I just saw a clip on headline news where some experts were upset with the cell phone makers because they are adding features to phones that are helping terrorist. The one they pointed out was an alarm clock feature. Listening this you would think the experts believe that all the major companies do are sit around and figure ways to help criminals and terrorist. I'm waiting for the experts to be be upset at the following.

  • Muslims - for having extreme views that encourage terrorist acts (forget the fact that the Koran forbids such acts).
  • Alarm clock companies - for making bomb components. They're called alarm clocks people, you use them to wake up in the morning. It's the bad guys who wire bombs to them.
  • WalMart/Target/large chain stores - for selling bomb making materials. Its called alarm clocks, camping supplies, hunting equipment, electronics. 99.999 percent of the items sold are used in their intended purpose. Here again its the bad guys that are figuring out ways to create havoc with these items. If there was a universal lie dectector I would have no problem placing one in every store, supermarket, bus terminal, airport and asking everyone if they are planning on committing a crime but until then restricting the market is only hurting the people more than the terrorist.
Now instead cell phone companies these are the groups I am pissed off at:

  • terrorist - for having such extreme views that they must kill to carry them out. I am also pissed that they have to warp a religion to justify what they do.
  • religious fanatics - who honestly feel that there is a loophole in religion that lets terrorist commit mass murder and still allow them to enter the kingdom of Heaven. For believing its God's will to support and aid terrorist in their unholy cause.
  • religious fanatics who are very bad at math - just for a second I am going to humor the idea that the Muslim religious fanatics are right and that all the terrorist/suicide bombers and jihadist killed in the line of duty are going to get a castle in heaven with 72 virgins to serve them just by being declared martyrs. Well God just called and heaven has run out of virgins - please stop killing yourselves for a couple of centuries so Heaven can restock. No if anything Satan will call and say that all the demons in hell are overworked punishing the "martys" please stop sending them.
But if you want me to be pissed off at unreasonable things I can do that as well:

  • Catholics - for having a religion where the only way for a priest to have sex is to commit a crime against God. I've yet to see in the bible where it says the holy priest cannot get married. Love is a cornerstone of religion and to deny marriage in an attempt to purify ones relation with God is in effect crumbling the foundation on which the religion stands.
  • Catholics - I am also pissed at any religion that makes the only way to get a divorce is through an annulment (a statement that basically states that the marriage never occurred). These should only be given out early on or under extreme circumstances (ie one partner has been cheating, a poligimist, a terrorist, etc) they should never be handed out if there are children involved.
  • Any religion that gives one group more rights than others - God did not give anyone special privilege at birth. He only gave privilege to the ones that earned it through hard work and belief in their faith. Anyone believing that any one person or group should be elevated because of religion, race, sex, etc will have a surprise waiting on them when they have their one-on-one with God.
  • Any country that has a philosophy and legal system based on liberty, innocent until proven guilty, individual rights yet sees no problem with torturing people who have not been tried or convicted of any crime. When hypocrisy becomes a cornerstone of a society its days are numbered.
All this rant over a cell phone .

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