Sunday, July 29, 2007

Everything going quickly now that the plumbing is done

A couple of weeks ago it was finally dry enough for the plumbers to come out and lay down some new pipe from our laundry room and kitchen out to the sewer. Unfortunately they just showed up without calling (Chris is still upset about that).

Once that was done we finally had the landscapers out to fix up our sprinkler system and get a bid for laying sod over the area that the plumbers back hoed to lay the pipe (they will be back next week to sod the yard). We had 3 leaks (I knew of two of them) I thought we had three zones out but only one needed rewiring - the others were just the controller misbehaving. I am replacing the controller when the landscapers are out next too - I wanted a controller that could be controlled over the internet but I could not justify the extra $500.

A brick layer was out today to look at fixing up a hole in the kitchen wall the plumbers had to knock out to lay the new line and he will be out tomorrow to do the job.

During all the rains a large section of track for the Texas State Railroad was washed away - we had purchased tickets for late August and they called us and refunded the money. So Saturday we took Nate and Lexi on the Grapevine Railroad and ate at Risky's Steakhouse. I just posted the pics in our photogallery.

BTW - before I forget we switched over to AT&T U-verse as our internet provider and TV. A little bit faster for a little less money - I wished we had Verizon FIOS though. To keep from losing my webpage everytime we change internet providers I bought the domain and it is being hosted by a company called 1on1 for $5 a month. Our new website is and I can be reached at


Monday, July 09, 2007

Busy weekend

Friday I took a half day off so we could take the kids to get there passports (in case I ever do get sent overseas again Chris and the kids could go too). The weather Friday was good enough that I actually got to mow. Saturday I went and got a new grill and cooked up some ham, sausages and chicken on it - I burned some hotdogs but hopefully next time I will do better.

Sunday we went over to our neighbors house to swim. The kids really had a blast.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

1995 miles - four days - finally home

Last week Mom and Dad came over and took care of the kids while Chris and I drove the minivan up to Minnesota to pick up the desk that used to belong to her Dad. We did the whole trip up to Minnesota in one day - and it rained all the way to Kansas City.

I posted some pictures of the road trip on our photo page.

The thing that surprised me was that Minnesota was having a drought - three months of rain in Texas and its surprising to get to an area that has no rain. Still its very beautiful up there in the Summer.

On the way back we stopped at Oklahoma City to spend the night at the Wyndham Wingate. While it was rated at three stars it was one of the nicest I have stayed at for a long time - even Chris could not find anything wrong with the hotel.

We got in on the first of July and got the desk set up. On the fourth we took my old Desk to Chris' brother in laws and had lunch with the family.