Sunday, June 26, 2005

Aftereffects, toddler bed, dresses, swimming

It's definitely been a busy week. The kids are still not over the effects of the father's day trip. Lexi was the real surprise. She did not seem to care about being away from Chris but as since we have been back she has been clinging to her all week. There are times when she is in a different room she will panic and start looking for her. Nate doesn't want to take car ride unless mommy is going too (Poor little man). On the funny side I took Lexi with me to Sams and WalMart today (because Nate did not want to go) and as soon as I started the driving Lexi excitedly looked around and yelled "Bobbeeee, Bobbeeee" When I asked if she was looking for uncle Bobby she said "Yes! Bobbeeeee!"

We moved Lexi up to a toddler bed this week. We gave the crib to a pregnancy center - unfortunatly they did not pick up but I was able to borrow my neighbors truck and take it over.

When we took the crib out of Lexi's room Chris also packed up alot of Lexi's old clothes. Chris tried a couple of Lexi's old dresses on her to make sure they were too small before we packed them away and Nate wanted to try some on too (Don't gasp - he's three and to him they are just clothes) but just in case I took a couple of pictures for future embarassment material.

Today we went over to our neighbors house for a swim in their pool - Nate and Lexi really enjoyed that. I did not take a camera over but I got some pics of them in their swimsuits before we left.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Father's Day - Always check your camera settings

Well I just got back from my parents celebrating Father's day. Fortunatly my brother came in from Arizona and I was able to give Chris the Mother's Day present she always wanted (A weekend without the kids). If he had not come down I probably would have stayed home or only taken one of the kids.

Lexi had never done well on a car trip before - usually on the 45 minute ride to Mesquite she will cry at least 20 minutes of it. But since we turned her car seat around to be forward facing (and Bobby entertaining them) we only got about 15 minutes of crying on a three hour car trip. Plus they slept most of the trip!!!!

I uploaded about forty of the two hundred or so pictures I took. I realized near the end of the trip my camera was on the wrong setting!! It probably happened when I was putting it in or taking it out of my pocket. So alot of the pictures are either too light or blurry. One thing this has taught me was to always check the settings on the dial of my camera before I use it.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

The world through Nate's eyes

Today I was switching out the batteries in my old digital camera, a Fujifilm FinePix 40i, when Nate came in and wanted to take some pictures. Now if you have looked through our photo album on fotki and found some pictures of Nate with the camera you will notice that he has the camera backwards! I have tried to show him several times but he has always wanted to do it his way. Well this time I showed him how and before he could get upset I was able to turn on the display - that changed everything.

He ran around the house and took about 120 photos (mostly of the floor or out of focus). I uploaded 20 of them to our photo album. One of the things I did not realize was that the camera was out of power for so long that it defaulted to 4 megapixel pictures. I have taken it down to its next lowest setting so the pictures will hopefully be less blurred in the future.

One of my few complaints about my old Fujifilm camera is that it has a two megapixel CCD and can use interpolation to fake a four megapixel picture but it only has three picture size settings: 640x480, 1280x960, 2400x1800 or if you do the math its roughly 0.5, 1, and 4 megapixel - there is no two megapixel resolution!!!!

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Bye bye Jamie, ApTel and the rest of the week in review

Sadly, yet for very happy reasons, I have removed from my website. She shutdown her site since she is now Jamie Keough (I told you it was for happy reasons). Hopefully she will decide on a new website soon (she is considering blogging).

Well the word came out this week. Apple is officially planning on porting OSX to Intel X86 processors and will be using intel processors in its computers (projected date - 2007). Personally I say its about time! Apple on Intel (ApTel as I call it) will be more of a threat to Windows than Linux could ever be. Though I am sad to say I agree with John Dvorak that the move will hurt Linux more than Windows. I wished they would have decided to use AMD as the processor though but the reality is that even though AMD produces a better Intel processor than Intel they cannot produce enough CPUs to meet Apples needs.

Now one thing that might hopefully come out of this will be mac clones! Build your own PC and install your own copy of OSX on it!!! It would go a long way to bring Apple into the mainstream. But unfortunatly Apple has said that OSX will not run on other PCs - but I am still holding out hope.

As for the family we all got the crud pretty bad. It seems we are all taking turns passing it to one another. Chris called me this morning and told me that Nate came up to her and said he had a tummy ache and asked if she could take the tummy ache out. Poor little man :( They are too young to realise whats wrong.


Yes, once again you go to bed and when you wake up


You are one year older. Hopefully Mom did not call you again at four in the morning to remind you of what she was doing at that time in 1967 .

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Kitchen almost finished

Well they finished up the kitchen yesterday - all they need to do is reconnect the lights. Hopefully today they will be finished with everything.

After they were done with the kitchen my wife, Chris, noticed that the wall paper was peeling where the wall and ceiling met. We tugged on one of the pieces and the whole sheet peeled right off. After that there was no stopping Chris. I knew she never liked the wallpaper but apparently she outright hated it! She spent the next hour and a half peeling paper and giggling like a child. By the time it was all said and done the only pieces left was behind the refrigerator and in gaps too narrow to easily get to. I'm hoping we can finish Nate's room before we start the Kitchen but I have a feeling with the exposed drywall we are going to have to do something quick in there.