Monday, June 20, 2005

Father's Day - Always check your camera settings

Well I just got back from my parents celebrating Father's day. Fortunatly my brother came in from Arizona and I was able to give Chris the Mother's Day present she always wanted (A weekend without the kids). If he had not come down I probably would have stayed home or only taken one of the kids.

Lexi had never done well on a car trip before - usually on the 45 minute ride to Mesquite she will cry at least 20 minutes of it. But since we turned her car seat around to be forward facing (and Bobby entertaining them) we only got about 15 minutes of crying on a three hour car trip. Plus they slept most of the trip!!!!

I uploaded about forty of the two hundred or so pictures I took. I realized near the end of the trip my camera was on the wrong setting!! It probably happened when I was putting it in or taking it out of my pocket. So alot of the pictures are either too light or blurry. One thing this has taught me was to always check the settings on the dial of my camera before I use it.

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