Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Bye bye Jamie, ApTel and the rest of the week in review

Sadly, yet for very happy reasons, I have removed JamieConway.com from my website. She shutdown her site since she is now Jamie Keough (I told you it was for happy reasons). Hopefully she will decide on a new website soon (she is considering blogging).

Well the word came out this week. Apple is officially planning on porting OSX to Intel X86 processors and will be using intel processors in its computers (projected date - 2007). Personally I say its about time! Apple on Intel (ApTel as I call it) will be more of a threat to Windows than Linux could ever be. Though I am sad to say I agree with John Dvorak that the move will hurt Linux more than Windows. I wished they would have decided to use AMD as the processor though but the reality is that even though AMD produces a better Intel processor than Intel they cannot produce enough CPUs to meet Apples needs.

Now one thing that might hopefully come out of this will be mac clones! Build your own PC and install your own copy of OSX on it!!! It would go a long way to bring Apple into the mainstream. But unfortunatly Apple has said that OSX will not run on other PCs - but I am still holding out hope.

As for the family we all got the crud pretty bad. It seems we are all taking turns passing it to one another. Chris called me this morning and told me that Nate came up to her and said he had a tummy ache and asked if she could take the tummy ache out. Poor little man :( They are too young to realise whats wrong.

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