Friday, May 22, 2009

Lexi has the flu - misses graduation

Poor Lexi caught the flu that has been going around. We know she has had it bad because she does not even want bread (she is a carb addict).

Because she has been running a fever all week she missed her last week of school and tonight she had to miss her graduation. So I went up to her school after I gave the kids their baths and picked up her papers and graduation cap and shirt.

It seems to be the same flu Nate had. Her fever is already going down and the cough started yesterday. If it gets too bad we may take her to the doctor next week but all they will do is give a stronger cough syrup.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Swine Flu and Mother's day

Well the swine flu came and went. I was real concerned originally with all the deaths in Mexico but in the end the worse case scenarios never occurred. Nate did come down with a virus but when we took him to the doctor it was not the swine flu but a common virus. So Nate missed about five days of school until his temperature finally came down to normal. For once everyone else did not get anything - you cannot imagine how happy we are about that.

Sunday was Mother's day. Chris did not want to deal with the crowds so Saturday I took her to Tandoor for lunch. The food was awesome as always!