Saturday, July 05, 2008

Utility Room Remodel - days one - six

Well we are over halfway done!

I posted pics of the Utility Room remodel. We did not get to the dining room but hopefully we will get that done in August - September.

We had to special order the shelves from Precision Tools. Hopefully that will be in by Friday so I can get it in next weekend.

Monday evening we are having a plumber in to fix the water faucet for the washing machine - when Jorge turned it off and disconnected it it was still leaking some water so we ended up connecting a short water hose to it and running it into the drain. While he is doing that we are going to add a water line off the cold faucet and connect that to the refrigerator which we will move in Monday too.

While I was getting the washer and dryer together Chris went to Sears and finally Lowes and picked out a new refrigerator. Unfortunately the one she liked is on backorder so it will be a while before that arrives. We will find out by Wednesday when its going to be in.