Sunday, November 20, 2005

November Update

A busy month thus far.

It has been a very busy month getting ready for Thanksgiving. Last weekend we painted the kitchen and two of the walls in the den (the wall behind the TV and the wall of the entrance). We started two weekends ago by patching all the cracks in the wall then last Friday we started priming and painting the den. By Sunday the kitchen was complete. This Thursday I finished putting back the window shutters.

Thursday we had family portraits done. I uploaded some of the low res images in our photo gallery on fotki. After that I also got all the yard work done. Well almost all - I have not winterized the yard yet.

Friday we did all the shopping for Thanksgiving. Saturday we went to Lenscrafters to get new eyeglasses. For the first time they could not give them to us in an hour. One of my lenses was a very popular perscription and both of Chris' were of a rare perscription and they were out of stock on all of it. So it will be about 14 business days. So we are looking at 12/9 or 12/12 before we can get our glasses.