Sunday, June 26, 2005

Aftereffects, toddler bed, dresses, swimming

It's definitely been a busy week. The kids are still not over the effects of the father's day trip. Lexi was the real surprise. She did not seem to care about being away from Chris but as since we have been back she has been clinging to her all week. There are times when she is in a different room she will panic and start looking for her. Nate doesn't want to take car ride unless mommy is going too (Poor little man). On the funny side I took Lexi with me to Sams and WalMart today (because Nate did not want to go) and as soon as I started the driving Lexi excitedly looked around and yelled "Bobbeeee, Bobbeeee" When I asked if she was looking for uncle Bobby she said "Yes! Bobbeeeee!"

We moved Lexi up to a toddler bed this week. We gave the crib to a pregnancy center - unfortunatly they did not pick up but I was able to borrow my neighbors truck and take it over.

When we took the crib out of Lexi's room Chris also packed up alot of Lexi's old clothes. Chris tried a couple of Lexi's old dresses on her to make sure they were too small before we packed them away and Nate wanted to try some on too (Don't gasp - he's three and to him they are just clothes) but just in case I took a couple of pictures for future embarassment material.

Today we went over to our neighbors house for a swim in their pool - Nate and Lexi really enjoyed that. I did not take a camera over but I got some pics of them in their swimsuits before we left.

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