Saturday, July 16, 2005

Lexi and Nate playing together, Dublin Dr. Pepper

Fortunatly the weather was nice this morning and I was able to take Nate and Lexi out to play (I posted some pics in the photogallery). I got a couple of pictures of Nate pulling Lexi in the wagon.

Nate was pulling Lexi around in the back patio area so I put them both in the wagon and walked them down the block (no pictures of that). When we got back Nate pulled Lexi around the back yard for a while.

I got the molding back into Nate's room and hopefully we will put that up tomorrow. I spread out a plastic drop cloth over the grass and put the molding on it and spray painted it before I brought it back in. You could tell there was moisture in the ground by the condensation on the bottom of the plastic.

I took Nate shopping with me today (we take a "side trip" to McDonalds so he can play with the other kids). When we were at the WalMart in Irving we say Dublin Dr. Pepper there! While the cost is roughly the same as anywhere it is good to see it carried by a large distributor. Hopefully more Wal Marts are carrying it.

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