Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Family + 1

We picked up a puppy from the pound today.

Surprised! So am I .

Chris called me up at work yesterday and had me go to the Hurst Animal Shelter link. From there she showed me a little German Shepard mix puppy.

Well we went to the pound yesterday to fill out the paperwork and they called us today to say that we were approved so I picked her up on the way home from work.

She's three months old and we have decided to call her Frenna. We asked Nate what he wanted to name the puppy and he said "Frienda - because she is my friend!". We shortened it to Frenna an it stuck.

She's a very intelligent dog. When she first met Thumbs she went up to sniff her and Thumbs just looked at her (that was it) and she backed off slowly. I think the only problem we will have is Frenna and Lexi. Because they are both the same size Frenna thinks Lexi is a litter mate and is playing rough with her (After we had to pull Frenna off of her three times poor Lexi is scared of the dog now).

I posted a couple of pics of the dog in our photo gallery. I took alot more but since she was constantly moving most of the pics are missing a body part or she has her head buried in some object.


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