Saturday, December 01, 2007

Thanksgiving down - Xmas to go

Well Chris' cough turned out to bronchitis so we canceled the large Thanksgiving and only had Carol and Christopher over. After Thanksgiving dinner Carol stayed with Chris and I took the kids over to see my parents and Bobby and Darlene.

Friday after Thanksgiving we tried to have a family photo at WalMart but that failed. Because they could not move their camera they have set templates on where people should be for a given number of people. For seven people they have all the tallest people stand while the shorter ones stand/sit in front. For us that did not work because Dad, the tallest at 6'4" had to sit and they were not able to make the picture work even though they tried for forty minutes! I have to say the children was awesome! They sit still through the whole forty minutes! I was very proud of them.

Well we came back Friday night because it was going to rain Saturday. Nate's fever came back and he had to miss school Monday-Wednesday so he could get enough rest. Lexi's sinus infection came back and we got some more antibiotics. At least these she is willing to tolerate.

On a positive note we just finished watching "Meet the Robinsons" and it was great! If you get a chance to watch it I would definitely recommend it.

I uploaded Lexi's fall school pictures on our photo album. Enjoy!


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