Saturday, October 04, 2008

A birthday and a scout event - Nate had a busy day!

Saturday was a busy day! First Nate went to Tristan's birthday party (one of two he was invited to this weekend). Everyone had a great time. The birthday party was a dinosaur theme and the (very excellent) cake was baked and decorated by his grandmother.

After the birthday party we went to tiger cub adventure day. Its a yearly advent the boy scouts throw for all new tiger cub scouts. Nate had a blast! he did almost all the events including archery! He would have done the BB gun too but he did not want to sit through another safety lecture .

To keep from feeling left out Chris took Lexi to IHop (The Pancake Place) to have her favorite pancake - pumpkin pancakes.

I got lots of pictures of the birthday party and the Tiger cub event. I also uploaded Nate's latest pics. Enjoy.

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