Saturday, March 08, 2008

Winter's last push

Well I am writing this on my new compter (yay)! Right now I am ripping all my music CD's back into itunes since my others were lost when my hard disk crashed.

I took Thursday off because Chris had an early doctors appointment. Nothing major - just a checkup but they only had a early appoinment open. Anyway it was a good thing I did as the snow started around 11am. Lexi's school called saying they were letting out around noon because they were seeing cars sliding around. Nate's let out on time but I went early just in case and got over an inch of snow on the minivan while I was waiting for school to let out.

Nate and Lexi did have their dentist visit Wednesday. Lexi was pretty much okay except for the fact that her front two teeth are about to fall out! The dentist said that the roots were almost gone and it was probably because of a fall she had (and she has had plenty - let me tell you). Nate had several small cavities so we are going to have to start flossing them as well as brushing their teeth.

I uploaded some pictures of the snow around our house. Enjoy!

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