Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter and the belated birthday.

The kids had a great Easter this year. Grandmoo, Christopher, Bobby, Darlene and Nana and Papa Conway was here today. We had a about 60 eggs all told but we only hid the plastic ones - that way if the kids missed one we would not have to worry about rotten eggs. Aunt Darlene joined in with the kids to hunt eggs and everyone had a blast.

I grilled up some Ham Steaks, Filets and Sausages for lunch and we all pigged out :)

Darlene introduced us to a Bulgarian Easter tradition. Everyone takes a easter egg and one person starts and taps another person's egg. As long as their egg does not crack they get to keep going. The one who ends up with an uncracked egg at the end of it all will have good fortune for the rest of the year.

Last week was Christophers birthday (Happy Birthday!) so we had birthday cake also! Add to that was all the Xmas candy and the kids were wired.

After the birthday cake Bobby and I took the kids outside to a nearby field and they flew their kites. We bought them a pair of small kids kites last year but never got around to flying them so they were really happy to get to fly them. We were surprised that that the kites were so small, only about four inches but it flew very well even with light wind.

But alas all good things must end. Lexi cried when Bobby, Darlene, Nana and Papa drove off but she was out playing with Nate after a couple of minutes.

I uploaded the pictures of the day on our photo album. Enjoy!

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