Sunday, November 09, 2008

Halloween was good/ Getting ready for camping

Sorry for the late update but its been real busy lately with scouts.

The kids had a great halloween (I already uploaded the pictures for that). Nate had a storybook costume parade I uploaded a video at Youtube. After that we took the kids up to my office for an office halloween trick or treat (the kids got lots of candy there). Then we took them to the Pennies from Heaven Halloween fair. The kids really liked the hayride through the baseball field/playground.

After that it was 8pm and even though the kids wanted to do more trick or treating Daddy was tired and it was time to get them ready for bed.

This week I have been getting prepared for Nate's cub scout campout at Mineral Wells state park. We plan to head out Friday after school and be back Sunday afternoon. Nate really is looking forward to it.


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