Monday, November 17, 2008

And blast off


After dropping Nate off at school I packed up the van. I then took Lexi out to CiCi's for lunch then I went home and took a small nap.

Then I picked Nate up from school and after meeting some of the other parents we left out for Mineral Wells State Park. Jim and some of the other parents had taken their kids out early so they could get there early enough to pay the park fees for the pack and start setting up the scout tent.

So when the rest of us showed we helped finished setting up the scout stuff then we set up our own tents. It was a bit of a challenge given that the sun was going down but it was alot easier than the troops who camped out at Texas Motor Speedway.

For Friday we were left to our own devices for dinner so I took Nate into Mineral Wells and had dinner at a Mexican restaurant. After that we came back, climbed into the tent and fell promptly asleep.

More later :)

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