Sunday, November 16, 2008

Cub Scout camp out T minus one day

Well Nate and I got back from the cub scout camp out today and boy are we tired! Nate really had a great time and I posted the pics on our photo album.

From our pack alone there were 88 people signed up and paid to go. They said this was the largest turnout they had ever had.

The campout started Friday and ended Sunday Morning. The pack leader, Jim Sears, took a week off to do the final preperations. Many parents took time off to help him - I took Thursday off to help with the grocery shopping.

So on Thursday it was Jim, David (a Boy Scout troup leader), and myself at wal mart doing the grocery shopping. So what do you get for 88 people? Well I did not have the whole list but this was some of the things that were in my cart:

18 dozen eggs
16 sticks of (real) butter
2 tubs butter
13 seven oz. bars of chocolate
7 tubs of Ricotta cheese.
4 lbs. of shreaded Monterey Jack and Colby mix
2 lbs. Mozerella
4 gallons milk (3 skim, 1 whole)
3 gallons orange juice
15 lbs sugar
12 canisters propane
28 D cell batteries
30 AA batteries
12 canisters Propane.

And that was one of six buggies we filled up!

After we packed up the food in the cub scout trailer (icing down the refrigerated foods) I then went back home and finished up my own packing.

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