Sunday, April 20, 2008

This game was a tie: 0-0

It was a pretty fun game to watch. Technically Nate's team had a stronger offense (witnessed by the fact that most of the game was on the other side of the field) but the other team had a way better defense. So in the end the game was called at a tie.

Today I took the kids out across the street to ride their backs in the parking lot. They had a good time.

Unfortunately there are not that many pictures this week. I forgot the camera today but yesterday the batteries ran out and my spare batteries had a bad battery and the camera would not start. I am starting to rethink my philosophy about digital cameras. I have always picked cameras that used AA batteries (and used rechargeables) so that if worse came to worse I could always go into a gas station or drug store and get more batteries. But with some of my rechargables reaching the end of their recharge life I am finding a flaw in my Canon A630 camera - if any one of the four AA batteries are bad the camera will not function. Regardless of how good the other three batteries are. So at this weeks game when the batteries drained and my spare batteries I carried failed you can imagine my disappointment when I got home and checked the batteries in my tester and three of them showed a full charge.

My next camera I will probably look at getting one with a single custom battery and just buying a spare battery.

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