Thursday, April 03, 2008

You don't know what you got until its gone.

Last week our air conditioning unit died. It was getting flaky for the past month - I had to reset the AC every day when I got back from work. Ian (our AC guy) came by Friday and found that the wiring in the compressor had burnt and had to be replaced.

The weekend and Tuesday was the bad days when it got into the eighties both inside and out. But we pulled out all the fans and we were able to tolerate it.

Ian called back Monday and the cost to replace the compressor all told was $1500 with a one year warranty. The cost to replace the whole outside AC with a new Trane AC was $2050 and had a 10 year warranty, more power and more energy efficient.

Needless to say Ian was over Thursday and installed the new AC. Around 6pm it finally got warm enough to kick on and ohhhh it felt so good not to burn up.

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