Sunday, April 13, 2008

They won!!!!

Nate's soccer team won their first game this week! The final score was 4-0 with 3-0 at the first half. Now given my previous post on their performance you would realize that my first thought was "My - they must really suck." But that was not the case. The other team played really well its just for the first time they finally gelled and worked reasonably well together. I was really proud of all of them.

They had their team photo taken this time too. I uploaded them on the website.

We took the kids today to a church block party held by a church next to Nate's school. They had alot of fun. They had a pony ride and a petting zoo. As well as the usual blow up slides and bounce houses. Unfortunately I forgot my camera so no photos.

Update: Well I did take a couple of pics with the camera on my cellphone and they came out okay. I posted those on the photopage.


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