Sunday, May 04, 2008

Nate's team won their last two games!

Nate had two games this time, one a make up game from the week it was rained out. The first game was at 1:00 they won 2-1. I was very impressed with this game because this team had beat us before and both times they had superior organization - the first time they had two kids always stay back as defense, the second time they had two people as defense (and they would stay there) and two people as offense. Now having a constant offense against a team that puts all its people on your defense cuts both ways. When the ball was near their goal they were two men short but when the ball was near our goal they had several seconds free with the ball before our team could run in.

The second game was at 3:00 and we won that one 4-0. Now I am actually more impressed with the other team on this one because we played at one and three (and took Nate to Sonic in the middle for a meal in an air conditioned van while watching Scooby Doo) the other team played at two and three! So they had no rest whatsoever but they all still went in there and played for all they were worth.

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