Monday, May 19, 2008

Lexi's recital

Lexi had her dance recital this weekend. Saturday was her practice so I took Nate out to the parking lot across the street. He really enjoyed it but we almost did not go. His front tire was flat and I could not get it to air up. After taking the tire off I found out the innertube had a gash in it! So I took Nate over to the nearby bicycle shop and picked up a new tube and got that on and aired up so we were off. We had not even made it a block when I realized Nate was turning his bike but the front tire was not turning. We took the bike back to the house and I tightened up and then we were finally out riding.

Carol and Christopher came over for the recital. Lexi did very good. I did not get any pictures as they did not allow flash photography and my non-flash pictures did not turn out so well. But I did post some of the pics we took before her recital.



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