Friday, January 12, 2007

Year in review

Its seems like every time I post here its with an apology for not blogging enough. Its not that there is nothing going on (with a two year old and a five year old there is alot going on) its just at the end of the day I am typically to tired to write it all down. I will try and do better - no new years resolutions though. If I can I will if not then tough.

The main reason I got back to writing this is that I was visiting my step mother-in-law in Minnesota in December (great trip by the way) and she got on to me about not keeping the blog up to date. This floored me in that I had no idea anyone was reading it. I mean its all published for public consumption but since there were never any comments and blogger doesn't show number of views on a blog I just thought no one was reading it.

At least I kept our photo gallery up to date so you can see all the pics.

Well for a quick review in April Lexi broke her arm and that put our kitchen remodel on hold. We did finally get around to cutting all the doors for the kitchen cabinets but we have never installed them (they are currently taking up a good chunk of my workshop). We have all the drawers finished but have not yet gotten around to installing them.

In June we went on the Texas State Railroad in Rusk, TX. If any of your children love trains I would highly recommend it. I would also recommend getting the climate controlled cars in the Summer as it is money VERY well spent.

Nate's Birthday was in October and Chris and Nate went with the Grandmothers on Nate's annual Train ride on Puffy Train.

November and December was of course Thanksgiving and Christmas respectivly but we also had a great trip to Minnesota. Unfortunately it was also the third warmest December on record with no snow whatsoever the entire time we were there.

Well there are a couple of more things I would like to post but I am stopping now as its late and its time for all good Dads to go to bed so they can alert in the morning when the kids wake up.

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