Saturday, January 13, 2007

I got an email from Ed Bagley Jr.!!!!

There is a new show on HGTV called Living with Ed. Its a reality mini-series about Ed Bagley Jr. and his wife Rachelle. Ed is VERY environmentally conscious and despite being a movie star lives in a early 1900's house that he has made as energy efficient as you can without rebuilding the house. Complete with adding solar panels to the roof and adding a generator to his exercise bike so he can add power to his house system while exercising every morning. No wind power though - I guess there is not enough wind where in the neighborhood where he lives.

Anyway after watching the first two shows where Ed and Rachelle were arguing over new rain barrels that Ed got I had to write and suggest painting the barrels and asking if LCD lights were more available/cheaper in CA than they are here in TX.

Glad you are enjoying the show.

Rachelle and I are still in discussion about the rain barrels. Maybe the color change would make it possible to keep the barrels as a permanent fixture in the yard.

I don't use LED lights in my house because I find they are too expensive. When the cost comes down a bit, I may make the switch. For now, I plan on sticking to my fluorescent bulbs.

Thanks for the great suggestions,


Now granted I posted the question on the show's "ask Ed" page but its still nice to know he is taking the time to read the emails himself and answering them (and a more than a little honored at getting email from a movie star). The hilarious thing is though that after about 4-6 months they are still arguing over the rain barrels.


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