Thursday, August 14, 2008

Colorado Trip - day one

We left Friday night at around 7pm. The logic behind that was that, with any luck, the kids would fall asleep early and for the bulk of the trip and in the morning when they woke up. And really that worked for the most part. Nate stayed up until 11:30 because he wanted to be awake when we crossed into New Mexico, no matter how many times we told him it would be three or four in the morning before we got there he was determined to stay awake.

The big problem with driving at night was that there was nothing to see. No farms, no hills, no scenery at all - just dark. It really makes the driving alot more boring.

One thing to note - gas prices in northern New Mexico are outrageous!!!! We are talking about 50 cents a gallon more than prices 45 minutes away - so going back I made sure to fill up in Colorado.

The kids woke up around seven thirty in the morning when we had just entered Colorado. We stopped at a rest stop and changed the kids out of their pajamas and into their clothes, gave them an oatmeal square and continued on to Bobby and Darlene’s.

We got there about 9am (Mountain time) and after we got all the stuff in Bobby took the kids through the drive through at McDonalds and got us all breakfast. After that Bobby and Darlene took the kids to a nearby park while Chris and I rested (did I mention that we had just driven fourteen hours).

After they came back we all went to the Garden of the Gods. Now I now I have talked about the views in Colorado but this was just a mile away from Bobby and Darlene’s apartment!

Then we went out to Dinner at Mimi’s Cafe. Now this was one of the best eating experiences I have ever had. Not only was the food good, complementary sweet bread, the Salisbury steak and mashed potatoes were good, the service was AWESOME! Our server, Clayton, made sure all our drinks never got low, when he saw how much sweet and low we were using he brought me a whole bowl of it without me asking. When he found out it was our first time there he brought us a batch of complementary muffins (so the kids had breakfast muffins for the rest of the vacation). I would hands down recommend Mimi’s cafe just for the level of service they gave to their customers.

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