Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Back from Colorado Vacation

We got back from Bobby and Darlene's in Colorado Springs this morning (4am) and I have just started uploading the pics. I will do a day by day account of the trip as time permits. But let me start by saying this:


The things I loved about Colorado:

- The views! Its almost impossible to go anywhere in Colorado Springs and not see a mountain.
- The temperature. The whole time we were there we never needed to turn on the air conditioning. Mornings were a little tough as the apartment had an eastern exposure and the sun warmed up the apartment each morning (which will be AWESOME in the winter) but other than that just having the windows open was enough to keep the apartment comfortable (IN AUGUST!!!!).
- The temperature Part II. One of the first things Chris and I noticed was the cold water was actually cold! Here in Texas at this time of year hot and cold water is actually hot and luke warm. The only reason to have water in the refrigerator is because you have a filter pitcher.

Things that were not so great about Colorado (just to be fair)

- Comcast sucks! Okay, that's not a Colorado thing but after this trip I have a beef with them. My brother tried attaching a wireless router to their cable modem and even though he could get the wireless portion working (could get to the admin section of the router without a hard wire) he could not get the to the internet through the router. So I brought up my old Linksys WRT54GS and I got the exact same problem. Worse my MacBook Pro could not get to the internet even with a direct line to the cablemodem. Comcast response - call the manufacturer - NOTHING WAS THEIR FAULT! At least when I call AT&T (UVerse) with a problem they go out of their way to try and fix it.
- Winter? Now I have never experienced winter in Colorado so I don't know if this would be a good or bad. But being a Texan where everything shuts down at the first flake of snow I am not sure how well I would adapt to a real winter.
- Dr. Pepper. I believe this was the altitude but I could not get a good Dr. Pepper in Colorado. Worse canned DP seemed to go flat very quickly once opened.

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