Monday, October 22, 2007

The joys of antibiotics

Nate and Lexi still had the wet cough a couple of weeks ago so we took them to the doctors and got them both some antibiotics (the doctor thinks its a sinus infection). Unfortunately neither the pharmacist or the instruction sheet told us the medicine had to be refrigerated after opening - it was on the bottle in the same font as everything else so we missed that one. So after four days of increasingly sour faces from the kids (Lexi hated the stuff from the get go and by the forth day it was just horrible the fits she was throwing) we rechecked the instruction sheet, then checked the bottle then threw them out. Nate was all better by that time and Lexi sounded a little better so we decided to see how they sounded after a week.

Well that weekend we got sick. Nate and I got sick Friday night, Nate could not keep anything down and I slept for about 30 hours between Friday night and Sunday morning. Sunday was Chris' turn and she spent most of the day in bed. Lexi did not catch anything but her cough got worse during the week. We were going to take her back to the doctors on Monday (today) but Saturday she was crying because her ears were hurting. I took her up to kids urgent care center that night and her right ear was infected. I got different antibiotic for her and confirmed it did NOT need to be refrigerated (but its in there anyway).

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