Sunday, October 28, 2007

But it only took 30 minutes to cut them down....

Saturday I went out and trimmed the limbs on the trees in the front and back yard. It only took 30 minutes to cut down the limbs but to but up the limbs and bundle them up in the the city approved size bundles (no more than 40 lbs) took four hours! And even now my arms hurt! But at least next year when I mow I won't have to duck under alot of branches.

Today we went out and painted our pumpkins. I posted pictures of them on our photo album.

Nate and Lexi are doing better. We had to skip a football game yesterday because Nate was running a fever. I think both should be able to go to school next week. Tomorrow is Lexi's last day of antibiotics and we are all ready for it! Lexi cries when we get them out and we hate having to fight her to give it to her.

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