Monday, August 27, 2007

A week with Bobby and Darlene!

Nate and I picked up Bobby and Darlene at the airport Monday. Their plane arrived at 2:30 so I tried to time it so we got to the airport at 2:30. That part worked as planned but what I had not counted on was the fact that since it was an international flight they would be held up in customs for 30+ minutes. After they got out we picked up some Dublin Dr. Pepper (there were two things they did not have in Bulgaria - Dr. Pepper and Starbucks). And after that we went to Bobby Valentines and ate dinner with Aunt Cherie and Uncle Curtis.

Tuesday we went to Six Flags. The kids had a blast! Unfortunately there were only a handful of rides we could take Lexi on but we were able to go on the mini mine train with her. We actually got Nate to ride on the runaway mine train and he loved it! We stayed the whole time the park was open (11-7) and the kids still did not want to leave.

Wednesday was more of a rest day. We had a meet the teacher with Nate's Kindergarten teacher Mrs. Riggs. Bobby and Darlene took care of Lexi while we went.

Thursday I gave Chris her belated Mothers day present. She stayed at home while the rest of us went to Nana's and Papa's.

Friday was a busy day. First we all drove to Carthage and visited the kids great grandma Yount. Then we drove to Tyler and visited the Cadwell Zoo. The kids had a great time at the zoo. Especially the playground at the end.

Saturday we came home. There is no place like home.

Well today was Nate's first day at school. Chris just dropped him off. Tomorrow is Lexi's first day. Will let y'all know how it went.

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