Saturday, August 06, 2005

Went to a Birthday Party today

We went to a birthday party today of the now 4 year old daughter of one of Nate's playmates (from the mother's day out group). Nate and Lexi had alot of fun of the party and lots of photo's got uploaded to our photo gallery.

We found out that Lexi knew how to say cupcake. I had to change Lexi's diaper and when we came out all the other kids were eating cupcakes. Lexi saw this and looked at me and said "uhcakes" I took her over to Chris and she gave Lexi some frosting and as soon as she tasted it she looked up at Chris and said "Please". So we got alot of pics of her eating a cupcake too (fortunatly one of the mothers had a spare disposable bib).

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