Saturday, April 04, 2009

Cub scout campout Saturday and Sunday

Saturday was a slower day for several reasons. The planned hike was ONLY 1.1 miles but the catch was it was over 600 feet up a mountain. I made it almost to the top but we got to a last large dip/climb and my knees (still hurting from hopping around on Mount Scott) just hurt too much to keep going. So like Moses on Mount Nebo I sat and watched the rest of the pack make the last climb and took pictures of them at the top.

When we got back down we made a quick stop at a prairie dog town then, while all the other kids went to Mount Scott Nate and I went to Lawton (about 15 minutes away from the park) to the local WalMart. I went for two reasons: First for a knee brace and some deep heating aspercreme (by this time my left knee hurt to bend it and the right was a little better - but not by much. The second reason was that Nate really was not eating. He was eating the oatmeal squares I had brought but the only time he ate what was fixed was Friday they had plain rice as a side (so he had a bowl of rice with his oatmeal square). So as soon as we stopped at WalMart we went into McDonalds and Nate inhaled a 10 piece McNuggets.

Sunday we had a simple breakfast (pop tarts, fruit bars) so there was no dishes to wash. Packed up the tent and supplies and headed home.

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