Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Nate's pinewood Derby

Nate's had his pinewood derby this weekend. I spent the last weekend putting his car together and let me tell you that my skill with a coping saw has ALOT of room for improvement. Fortunately I had an ample supply of wood putty to cover all the gouges.

The easiest part was the weights. The cubscouts are very particular now on how much they should weigh. Originally the only rule I heard was it could not weight more than five ounces but when I saw the written rules it stated it had to be between 4.75 and 5 ounces. I got some cylinder weights and drilled holes in the back, slid the weights in and puttied up the holes. At the time of weigh in it was exactly 4.75 ounces.

After wards I had Nate sand it until he got bored (with all the putty there was a good bit of sanding to do) and then he primed and painted it.

The hardest part was the wheels. I made a classic first timer mistake and took on more than I could handle. One of the things you can supposedly do to make the car go faster is to move the axles closer to the ends. So I cut a new rear axle slot at the rear. The result was a little.... disasterous. Fortulatly I was able to get the rear axle fixed.

Nate actually won two rounds but he lost out on the next two rounds. I was real impressed at how good of a sport he was.

I posted pics of his racer on the photo album. Enjoy.


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