Friday, June 13, 2008

Took the kids to the park today

I had to work the last two weekends to get caught up on a project so I took today off as a comp day and took the Lexi to her class at the Hurst recreation center and then let them play in the park.

We signed the kids up for two classes each for June. Both Nate and Lexi took a kids cake decorating class last week. Thankfully that was a one time class because mommy and daddy had to put our diets aside that day to eat each of the cakes to tell them that they were both equally delicious.

Nate has a kids science class each Thursday. Last week he made a model of a molecule out of marshmallows. This week he learned about carbonation and had a burping contest after drinking a bunch of root beer.

Lexi has a kids sports class each Friday. The last two weeks they have been teaching her soccer.

After her class I let them play at the park outside the recreation center. Fortunately the morning weather was really mild and the breeze was cool so I was able to sit in the shade comfortably while the kids played.

While the kids were having snacks a squirrel came up and I fed him a cracker. When the squirrel came back Nate gave it another cracker then ran off and played. The squirrel kept coming back until it had enough crackers then took off.

I found some pictures on the camera that I forgot to post from our memorial day trip. I posted those and the pictures from today at the park. Enjoy :)

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