Wednesday, May 23, 2007

May update

Well I took the kids to see my parents two weeks ago (first road trip in the minivan) and we got to Tyler when we got the call that Chris' aunt Gail passed away. I went ahead and spent a couple of days with my parent, and the kids got to see their great Grandmother and great, great Grandmother. Both the kids got sick afterwards so I stayed with them while Chris went to the funeral.

Nate had his pre-school graduation last week. All the age groups sang (Lexi was a laugh riot). I posted the videos on google and will try and get them linked with fotki today.

This week we had new floor reinstalled. I am still tired from being up until 2am unwiring all our computers. The good thing is that by starting over I was able to replace three power strips and two extension cords with three squids. The floor looks nice. The kids hated being cooped up for a couple of days and, of course, made us share their pain. but afterwards they liked running around on the new floor.

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