Saturday, March 10, 2007

floor flooded again

The long story: about 18 months ago we put in laminate wood floor in the house then last year the air conditioner condensate line clogged up (our AC unit is in the middle of the house and drains into the sewer line) and then the water fell down into the air intake area and under the floor. We ended up replacing the floor in the play room.

Well last week the sewer clogged and while we were doing the laundry and the water came up the condensate line and flooded under the floor again. Well we got the condensate line fixed and the insurance adjuster came by and was very helpful. We got some tips on how to keep the air intake area from flooding under the floor again (spray insulation - I will try and do that today) and when to run the soaker hoses outside (twice a week for one hour).

Hopefully today I will get to work on cleaning the wood fence - we will see.

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