Sunday, September 25, 2005

A week from hell - day one

There is a saying "Getting there is half the fun" but in this case the saying is entirely false.

The end result of the next week of effort will be two parties. Our yearly family birthday party (My mom, mother-inlaw, and Nate have their birthdays in a four day period) so we have a family party. This year though Nate will get a second birthday party on Monday with the kids from the DFW mothers group that Chris is in.

Now to get there not only do we have to clean up the house (both parties are here) the following is also happening:

Tuesday: new diswasher installed - no biggie
Wednesday-Thursday: new floor should be installed on every floor except bedrooms, bathrooms and utility room.

That's right we ordered a new floor. We are having a laminate wood floor installed. Originally we expected the wood to be delivered next week (after the parties) and installed three days after that - they leave the flooring in the house for three days before installing so the wood can cool/heat to the house temperature. But they called today and said that they were delivering it so they can have it installed this week. To accomodate that we are pretty much packing up all the rooms so all the installers have to move around is furniture.

Now to top that off I will be working late this week to try and get a project I am working on back on track. S while I am feeling a little overwhelmed I know Chris must feel more so. She has to do alot of the packing herself while I am at work while taking care of the kids.

The journey sucks but the destination will definitly be worth it.

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