Thursday, March 31, 2005

updating my website

Now that I have my laptop mostly set up my next project is to set up CVS. Once I have that done I will do my next project - overhaul the welcome page of my website.

What I plan to do is to get rid of the what's new section and just have a link to this blog. That way I can easily update the what's new from anywhere.

After that I need to find a place to host the picture section. 10 meg is becoming constricting and I want a better upload tool than yahoo briefcase.

On the homefront the task list is a little more interesting. Tomorrow I am taking Nate to ride Thomas the tank engine (the grapevine railroad is having a Thomas day). This weekend we will be stripping the walls of Nate's room so we can paint it later on in April.

We are also having the ceiling fixed in the kitchen. But don't worry - we are getting a professional to do that. After that we will be getting insulation blown in the attic.

Busy busy busy.


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